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Wedding Videographer


Ever since I was a kid, I loved stories.  My brother and I shared bunk beds, and every night my mom would read to us books like Green Eggs and Ham, Where the Wild Things Are and Harold and the Purple Crayon. These were stories I had already heard a hundred times before, but it didn't matter because a great story never gets old.  

When I finally got the chance to choose my profession, I knew video and film production would be the best way for me to keep telling great stories. After landing my first job as a video production assistant in 1999, I spent 5 years learning everything I could about cameras, lighting, audio and editing, and in 2004 I started working on my own business as a freelance video producer.  Most of my clients were local churches and nonprofit organizations that had plenty of great stories to tell, and I worked hard to develop my skills to make sure those stories made an impression.  Before long, I was hired to film my first wedding, then another and another.  I soon realized that wedding videographer was the perfect job for my gift of storytelling.  

Over the years, my tools have become more sophisticated and my client list has grown, but my heart still longs to tell a story.  Your story.  Can you think of a day more important that your wedding day?  So many details go into planning this one day, and it always flies by way too fast.  A wedding film allows you to relive all the memories over and over again.  And you know you're going to watch it a hundred times, because a great story never gets old.

I actually meet the majority of my clients through referrals from previous clients. So, instead of trying to convince you I'm the right cinematographer for your wedding day, I'm going to suggest that you read through my reviews and watch a few of my Highlight Reels. If you like what you see, please contact me to see if I have your wedding date available.  I would be thrilled and honored to film your wedding!

Daniel Ingram - Videographer


 Daniel Ingram wedding videographer 

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